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Unico System®
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Why You Need the Unico System and How To Buy It.

See how we stack up to conventional HVAC systems and high-wall splits.

The biggest difference? Installing a Unico System® requires little or no build-out to install. Instead of the intrusive ductwork of conventional HVAC, or placement of unsightly high-wall units (that usually must be mounted on the outer walls of a home), we run flexible supply tubing through wall cavities, in floors and ceilings.

The Unico System fits where conventional systems and high-wall units can't, while offering:

  • The same cooling power as conventional systems three times its size
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Even air distribution throughout your home
  • Up to 30% lower humidity, for greater comfort at higher temperatures

Take a look at some beautiful installations.

Your home’s beauty is understandably a source of pride for you. Click to Tour This Gallery of Homes to see just how beautifully—and unobtrusively—Unico installations worked for them.

Experience the quiet.

A Unico System is built to deliver whisper-quiet comfort. Our supply tubing is designed with a nylon inner core and insulation that absorb sound. Our air handlers isolate noise and vibration with closed cell, sound-deadening insulation. The resulting sound level is the equivalent of a soft whisper.

Let’s get technical.

We know this is a big decision, so we invite you to geek out a little. Here are some facts and figures to help you make a smart choice. If you still have questions, feel free to Live Chat with us or contact a Unico Preferred Contractor in your area.

Love to research a product before buying? We do too.

Don’t just take our word for how well Unico can perform for you. See what others have to say about us. Here are some articles by, This Old House and others.

See where we’re made.

From day one, we’ve built our innovative cooling and heating systems in the heart of the American Midwest. In 2016, we built a new manufacturing plant near St. Louis, Missouri to handle our company’s continued growth.

Ready to get started? Have a few more questions?

Great! A Unico Preferred Contractor can answer all your questions. Find One Near You. Or if you’d like to speak with a Unico representative directly, feel free to Live Chat with us.