The Best Way to Control Indoor Humidity—and Your Energy Bills

Find real respite from sticky, sweaty summer with the Unico System. Its highly efficient design cuts down on indoor humidity so you can enjoy greater comfort and more savings.

When you turn on the air conditioning to beat the heat, the typical system might lower the temperature enough to satisfy the thermostat, but it may not satisfy your need for comfort. In fact, a burst of AC on a hot and humid day may simply leave you feeling cold and clammy. Sure, any AC system can maintain whatever temperature the homeowner sets, but without a fine-tuned ability to remove excess moisture from the air in your home (and not every system tackles this task with equal effectiveness), your comfort—and wallet—may suffer.

Unico System not only de-humidifies, its outlets (pictured in the sidewall of this log home) blend in to any décor.

Simply put, even when a room is cooled to 76 degrees, it feels less refreshing if the relative humidity is too high. (Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared with the amount that the air could hold at that temperature.) Cooled but still sticky, homeowners may then lower the thermostat further in search of greater comfort. This “solution,” however, both increases the amount of work the HVAC has to do to cool a space off and decreases the system’s ability to dehumidify the air. You see, moisture removal occurs most easily and efficiently when hot air passes over the HVAC’s cold coils and the water vapor condenses; conditioning an already cooled but still humid room will pull less water from the air with each pass. Unless you live in a particularly dry climate where you have little reason to worry about managing both temperature and humidity, you can expect this pattern to rack up some impressive monthly utility bills over the summer.

Although air conditioning does help reduce humidity to an extent, that hard-won comfort lasts only as long as the bursts of cool air. Because the traditional HVAC system cycles on and off—and is powered down when you leave—relief is inconsistent at best. Humidity lingers, along with personal discomfort and even potential health hazards that can be caused by excessive moisture (like mold!). Alas, no matter the system, the cost of running it all summer long can seem daunting. Fortunately for homeowners, advanced options like the Unico System effectively address both sweltering heat and sticky humidity.

Thanks to its unique cooling coils, the Unico System proves up to 30 percent more adept at eliminating moisture in the air than the average air-conditioning setup. Plus, unlike typical systems that constantly cycle on and off (and require a great deal of power to do so), the Unico iSeries inverter unit enables the air-conditioning system to run continuously. Yes, you read that right: By operating efficiently at very low speeds, the Unico inverter minimizes energy consumption, maximizes savings, and—for the first time—makes it financially possible for you to run the air conditioning 24/7.

The Unico System then routes the cool air through its highly efficient, airtight ducts directly where homeowners need it most, incredibly losing less than 5 percent of it to leakage (a vast improvement over the 25 percent loss typical of traditional metal ductwork). By channeling this store of cool air into living areas via “aspiration,” which draws the ambient air into its stream, Unico achieves a draft-free environment with a consistent temperature. From wall to wall and from one floor to the next, homeowners experience even comfort without fluctuation—no more of the spottiness associated with traditional HVAC.

With all these factors working together to efficiently maintain a cool, pleasant 76 degrees at the lowest possible humidity, you’ll be able to set the thermostat even higher without sacrificing comfort. And notching up the temperature has tangible benefits. Each degree you raise the temperature can result in a 3 percent savings on your air-conditioning costs. Suddenly, summer savings got simpler! With the Unico System‘s exceptional humidity control, you’ll be able to trim energy costs even as you enjoy unprecedented relief from the heat.