Unico, Inc.

UVL1-09 - Unico UV Light System - Complete Kit - Light Source, Adapter, and Cabinet Box

$847 $1,144

Ships in 20x20x20 inch pkg; 8 lbs

This is the complete system: 120v Plug in UV LightCabinet Box + Bulb & 10" adapter

Cabinet box only (sold without UV light source): UVC1-09

UV Light onlyA02649-001

Replacement bulb: A02647-G01

• Kills airborne & surface micro-organism contaminants (mold, bacteria, germs)
• Automatic brownout and high temperature protection
• Does not produce ozone
• Must be correctly mounted for operation
• 120v
• New install or existing
• Universal fit to Unico blower/electric heater
• Externally insulated

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