Unico, Inc.

UPC-80FR6-1 - Unico Outlet Kit, Fiberglass Plenum, for 2" System

$130.25 $201.50

UPC-80FR6-1 has been discontinued. This Outlet Kit was for 1.5" Fiberglass Plenum (single outlet), and included: Supply Outlet, 12' R-6 Attenuator Tube, 1.5" Spin-InTake Off, Winter Shutoff Cap, (2) Scrim Core Clamps (silver), (2) Aluminum Core Clamps (black), (2) Toggles and Screws, Coupling with Tape Rings, (1) Balancing Orifice Kit  

Contents of this kit are now sold separately, individual items listed below: 

UPC-26TCR6-1 Sound Attenuator Tubing, TFS 
UPC-22 Take-off 
UPC-56TB-1 Supply Outlet, TFS 
UPC-38TC-1 * TFS, Coupling 

*couplings only required if splicing tube 


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