Unico, Inc.

UPC-26TDR4-1 - Sound Attenuator, Double Vapor Barrier, TFS, Couplings Attached, 2"x12' R-4.2

$230 $337

Ships in 25x25x6 inch pkg; 10 lbs 

For 6-piece (72 feet) see UPC-26TDR4-6 

Sound attenuator flexible duct, 2" inside diameter, 4" outside diameter insulated to R4 with 2 vapor barriers; quantity 1x 12' length with our Twist-Fit connectors on each end 

Duct Size 2.0"
Duct Shape Round
Material Multiple
Flex or Rigid Duct Flexible
R-Value R4.2
Duct Connection Type Twist-Fit System
Brand Unico
Duct OD 4"
Duct Length 12 ft.
Vapor Barrier Qty Double
Certifications UL-181

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