Unico, Inc.

THRM-1800 (1-1800-S/R-P4) - Cocoon Furnace / Heater, Single Chamber, 1800 sq. ft, by The Unico System

$4,350.85 $6,644.10

Ships in 25x20x37 inch pkg (via palet / LTL); 137 lbs

Suitable for a home or office up to a maximum of 1800 square feet 

  • Verified energy savings of up to 41% (U.L. verification #A781078)
  • Plug and play controls
  • Easy multi-optional, quick installations


Cocoon furnaces are high-quality construction, innovative design and super-efficient operation at an amazing value. The Therm-1800 is a variable speed, multi-stage, multi-speed and customizable furnace, multi-energy source capable to meet and exceed the needs of your home. Our revolutionary design utilizes customizable control algorithms, controllable infrared heat spectrum capability and an ECM motor, which uses less power and provides better air flow. These combined technologies and some secret sauce to create unmatched value and energy savings to save you money. The value of the Cocoon system is more than efficiency, the Therma-1800 features many different quick connection options to reduce installation time. The A.I. and I.O.T. of the system allows for self-diagnosing, system monitoring and upgradeable efficiency options. Maintenance for this system is minimal and our recommend thermostat has built in reminders to change the filters and create less problems for your home.

Energy Type: Electric Grid, Solar, Wind, Hydro or Electric Generator or a mix there of
Venting Type: None, No venting necessary
Emissions: None/0
Multi-Stage Blower: ECM Multi/Vary-speed
BTU output: 0-109,000 customizable
Emissions: None/0
Install direction: Vertical, Horizontal, Downflow
Circuit Ampacity: 50
Recommend Breaker: 60
Maximum Air Flow: 2000 CFM (Customizable equipped)
Electrical Phase: 1 (3 phase capable call for pricing and availability)
Product Dimensions: Width 18" Inches-- Height 36" Inches-- Depth 24" Inches
Product Weight: 126 Pounds 
Safety Listing: UL Listed File Number SA44706
3rd party tested: U.L. Verify, verification #A781078
Warranty Parts: 1,5,10 years limited (See usage and warranty detail) Heat Exchanger Warranty: 10 years on heat exchanger (Lifetime on "Ever" Line)
Detail of Shipping - 2 boxes Shipping, 140 Pounds Certifications Country of Origin United States , weight is different on each box (85 and 55 lbs), size is same on all boxes (26x21x21 inches)

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