Unico, Inc.

UPC-89TFR6-1 - Unico System Install Kit, 2", 1.5" Fiberglass Plenum, TFS, (1 pk)

$24.60 $36.75

Ships in 5.5x5.5x5.5 inch pkg; 1 lbs

Includes (1) Supply Outlet, (1) R6 Spin-in Take Off, (1) Winter Supply Shut-off Cap, (2) Toggles and Screws, (2) Aluminum Core Clamps (black), (2) zip ties, (2) extra TFS Gaskets

This install kit for Twist Fit includes a white outlet faceplate (and hardware), a spin-in take-off for R6 fiberglass plenum, a winter shut-off plug and 2 extra TFS gaskets.

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