Unico, Inc.

UPC-36-15 - Unico Balancing Kit 2" (for round outlets)

$39.10 $59

Ships in 5x5x5 inch pkg; 1 lbs


5 Each ----- 5/16” diameter hole ----- 50% Reduction

5 Each ----- 1-1/8” diameter hole -----35% Reduction

5 Each ----- 1-7/16” diameter hole ---15% Reduction

15 Each ----- Caps to fit over balancing orifice for winter shut-off plugs


This kit offers a means to balance the system at the outlets. This kit should only be used when the take-offs are difficult to reach. When possible, balance the system at the take-off (UPC-35-15). Placing the orifice at the take-off allows the sound attenuator duct to remove any noise caused by its restriction.

For small rooms or when only a partial outlet is required, add a balancing orifice. Use balancing orifices sparingly to maximize the airflow.


Simply plug the appropriate orifice into the opening. These orifices replace the normal winter plug, so a larger winter cap is included. To install the larger cap, turn it over so it covers the lip of the orifice. 

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