Unico, Inc.

WON0502-C - Unico Furnace, Electric, 5 kW, 1P/240V (matches all models)

$648.65 $947.20

Ships in 16x20x29 inch pkg; 22 lbs

This electric furnace module can be attached directly to one of our blower units or it can be installed in the supply air duct downstream from the blower unit as a duct heater. This model is rated for 5kw at 240 volts single phase. The heater contains 1 circuit breaker as a disconnect and one 15 amp breaker to power the blower unit. There are multiple safety's built in such as a pressure air proving switch, fan relay switch, auto temperature limit and fuse links. The heater comes with a 10" round start collar and a 11.5" square start collar.

Manual: Electrical Furnace Installation Manual (Unico System Bulletin 30-034), for all WON units

Nominal Capacity 17,060 Btu/hr (5.0 kW)
Power Supply 230/1/60
Brand Unico
Certifications ET

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