New Vertical Air Handlers Provide Even More Flexibility for The Unico System

Designed to fit in closets and other small, concealed spaces within homes and multitenant buildings, the units provide all of the comfort and installation benefits of The Unico System – including draft-free airflow, lower humidity and uniform room temperatures – in a compact size that’s never taller than five feet. 

“When space is at a premium, ductwork, fittings and mounting should not get in the way of a comfortable home,” said Scott Intagliata, Unico chief marketing officer. “Our new vertical upflow air handlers complement The Unico System’s small-duct design with even more flexibility and space savings.” 

As with other air handlers from Unico, the new vertical units are designed for whisper-quiet performance. Each vertical unit is lined with sound-deadening insulation, muffling the sound and vibration of the all-in-one unit’s blower and coils. 

“The sound of your system should never be overlooked,” said Intagliata. “Especially when its mechanics are housed in a closet in a main gathering place or near a bedroom.”  

The units are available in three sizes, requiring a simple connection to the ductwork and either a refrigerant or water line, with flexible mounting of the control box to the top, front or either side of the unit and compatible with most thermostats. Contact your Unico Preferred Contractor for more information and to hear about our 15-year warranty.