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Ductless and High Velocity HVAC Systems

Ductless Heating & Cooling Products

Ductless Heating and Cooling products can be a home comfort dream for older properties without central air. They are ideal solutions for homes and business that struggle with heating or cooling certain rooms. Maybe you just need cooling and heating for an unconditioned space such as a garage? Ductless products come in a wide variety of options, from residential applications to commercial applications, single-zone cooling only units, heat pumps, complex multi-zone applications, even natural gas wall mounted furnaces. There is likely a ductless product we can install to increase the comfort in any space.

High-Velocity Heating and Cooling Products

High-Velocity SDHV (Small Duct High Velocity) System works on the principle of pressure rather than air volume. It is quite different than a conventional furnace or air handler. The main difference being that the supply duct works are all “small diameter” or “mini duct”. This makes it very easy to install inside existing walls or attics with minimal construction. High Velocity systems provide your home or business with the most even air temperatures of any cooling or heating system available.

Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pumps are probably the most popular choice of todays ductless offerings. The reason being they not only provide cooling for your space but they provide supplementary heating. There are some systems that can provide heat down to -30C. Many homes or business heating with electricity or boilers desire to be more comfortable during the hot summer. Ductless heat pumps effortlessly provide comfort and cooling. Operation of baseboards / electric resistance heating is costly and often not adequate for a comfortable home in the winter. Heat Pumps have proven to reduce hydro consumption up to 60% vs. electric resistance heating while increasing comfort significantly. They will also reduce the amount of time heating with alternative heating sources such as propane or oil. It should be noted that almost every multi-zone ductless system will be a heat pump capable of some amount of reliable winter heating.

Gas Wall Furnace

Sometimes there are spaces in your home or business where ducts just can’t reach and the passive transfer of heat from one room to another is just not providing the desired comfort level. Perhaps installing a new central air heating system is not an option but you have access to natural gas. Ductless natural gas wall furnaces are a great solution. Mounted on the wall these units are direct vented outside, provide exceptional gas heating performance, very quiet operation and will increase the comfort in any space they are installed in. They range in sizes adequate to heat rooms just 100-200sqft, up to rooms 1000sqft in size.

High Velocity

High-velocity systems operate just like they sound, they move air through smaller ducts at a much faster rate than a typical low velocity system. This method allows for there to be less air loss in the ductwork which keeps your air quality more consistent and efficient. The key to it’s amazingly even distribution of air is the air pressures will be exactly the same at the beginning of the system and at the end of the system. Regardless of how many ducts or the length of ducts used. This pressurized system avoids dust and mold build-up, ensuring that you are always breathing clean, fresh air. Older homes are especially easy to outfit with a high-velocity system because high-velocity ducts are small and require a fraction of the space regular HVAC ducts do. These systems can also be outfitted with Hydronic air handlers to provide extremely even and comfortable heating using tankless water heaters or combi-boilers as the heating source.