Unico Air Conditioning System

Unico System

Unico Air Conditioning System

Unique Indoor Comfort pioneered the Unico air conditioning system by designing the product and being the first company to install the Unico System.

Homes in Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park and Lake Forest can benefit from the Unico System, a small-duct central heating and air conditioning system. Unique Indoor Comfort is internationally known as the Unico System experts and we have installed more Unico Systems throughout the United States than any other company.

If you are a resident of a Northshore of Chicago community like Highland Park, Lincolnwood or Evanston, or the Northeastern Illinois area, and are interested in Unico System pricing for installations, replacements, or service; please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

What makes The Unico System – Unique?

  • Fits in Any Space– No matter when your home or building was built, or what its physical configuration, installing The Unico System is always a possibility – without compromising design or architectural integrity.
  • Little or No Remodeling– The Unico System fits where other conventional cooling and heating systems can’t – with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be easily installed into attics, ceilings, crawl spaces, and closets.
  • Quiet Performance– The Unico System outperforms conventional
    heating and cooling systems by utilizing a patented high-velocity stream of air. This air is delivered quietly and seamlessly into the room using our 2″ outlets or the 8″ x ¾” slotted diffuser.
  • Draft-Free, Even Temperatures– The Unico System delivers superior comfort over traditional HVAC systems by eliminating drafts and removing 30% more relative humidity.
  • Removes 30 More Relative Humidity– The Unico System provides greater humidity removal with the superior and efficient design of our cooling coils, creating a perfectly comfortable environment.
  • Matches Any Decor– The Unico System offers you a huge selection of outlet choices. Our outlets come round or slotted and are designed to fit any decor or home architecture without compromise.

Unico Systems aspiration results in more even temperatures throughout rooms.

Conventional forced air system air flow pattern.

How high-velocity “Mini-Duct” Aspiration cools evenly!

Unico systems installation is different than conventional air conditioning systems:

  • In at typical installation; the air handler is placed either in the attic or the basement.
  • Trunk lines and jet tubing run through walls and ceilings.
  • Prior to terminating at the outlets, the jet tubing is coupled to sound damping muffler tubing to reduce noise.

Unique Indoor Comfort has installed the Unico System in the following structures:

  • Residential Homes
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Historical Homes
  • Landmark Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings

Most agree that Frank Lloyd Wright is the most famous architect of the modern era, if not all of history; helping form a uniquely American architecture.  Unique Indoor Comfort takes great pride in having installed Unico Systems in many of the privately-owned Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Our expert design team and professionally certified installation technicians were able to install the Unico Systems without any modification of the architectural integrity of each home.


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