High Velocity Mini Duct Systems


The Home Builder is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions, applicable regulations, code provisions and good trade practices.


High velocity mini duct systems are ideal for multi level homes. By providing individual control on each level of a home, the heating and cooling can be prioritized for maximum comfort and energy savings. The system uses individual thermostats to control each designated space. Adjustments for optimal heating and cooling are automatically taken care of by these individual space controls. With a constant flow of air circulation, temperatures are more uniform and air filtration is more effective

By using miniature ducting, vents can be placed where needed, in ceilings, walls or floors. With the extremely compact air handler and mini duct system, the space required for heating and cooling is substantially reduced throughout the home.


  • Miniaturized ducting & vents
  • Individual control of spaces
  • High comfort levels
  • Efficient electrical components
  • Small space requirements

The high velocity system can be combined with the dual purpose boiler system to achieve maximum benefits in both fuel efficiency and space requirements. Closet installations for home heating and hot water are now achievable.

Source: http://www.allianzepower.com/high-velocity.html