Custom Fit Your Home - Air Quality

We all know about washing hands and disinfecting surfaces, but did you know that your HVAC system is also a vital part of a healthy home? Your HVAC system is designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). The Unico System not only makes your home more comfortableit keeps your family healthy.










Viruses pose a risk to the health of homeowners and their families. An easy way to combat viruses is to use chemical cleaners, but some families don’t want to fill their home with chemical cleaners because this can reduce the air quality in their home. 


UV Light

UV light consists of wavelengths that penetrate the cells of viruses and damage their DNA so they’re no longer harmful.

UV light needs to be up close to work, so HVAC systems that have UV light on the side of the air duct only destroy viruses that pass near them. The Unico System’s UV light is located in the coil cabinet and shines on the coil, which allows the UV light to destroy all viruses that pass around it. This greatly reduces the risk of viruses continuing to linger in your home.  










Outdoor Air Impurities

Even though your custom home might be airtight,  allergens and air pollution can still get into the home  via open doors and windows.

Did you Know:

Unico offers the option of a MERV 13 filter, which captures particles as small as 0.3 microns. Ask your area sales representative to learn more.


Reduced Indoor Air Quality

As modern, custom homes are built for greater efficiency, they are becoming more tightly sealed to reduce energy loss. While this is great for energy efficiency, it does reduce natural ventilation. When MERV filters are not in use, this can cause increased allergens like pet dander, bacteria, and dust mites to build up in the home over time. It can also cause things like chronic headaches and fatigue as circulating fresh air reduces due to the slight elevation of carbon dioxide inside tight homes.


Humidity and Mold Prevention

Humidity in the home, caused by surface condensation, can not only make a home environment uncomfortable, but it can also be a threat to your IAQ because it allows mold to grow.

Thanks to The Unico System’s unique design  that removes more humidity than a traditional  HVAC system, homeowners set their thermostats at temperatures 2-3 degrees higher than they would with a traditional system yet report they feel more comfortable. That’s because The Unico System makes their home less humid more efficiently, making every room feel cooler, saving them energy and money.


MERV Filters

While all HVAC systems have air filters, they’re not all created equally. Most residential home filters capture some pollen, dust mites and small fibers in the home, but leave a lot more in the air than you might think.

The MERV 7 air filter, which comes standard with The Unico System, catches more pollen, dust mites, and small fibers than most traditional systems, while eliminating mold spores, pet dander, and fine dust. This leaves your air much cleaner than a traditional HVAC filter, so you can breathe easier.


Proper Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation typically brings into the house a percent of the total air that the central air system circulates. This is normally done by installing a return from the outside and letting the HVAC blower suck fresh air into the house. This improves indoor air quality by diluting the indoor air with fresh, “good” air from the outside.

The Unico System’s variable speed blower—included as part of the system—includes specific control features to incorporate this type of ventilation. This integration is flexible because it can be easily programmed in any custom home to meet the highest residential ventilation standards. 

Paired with the MERV filter described above, The Unico System can ensure proper ventilation into your custom home, giving you excellent indoor air quality.


Wider Cooling Coils and Variable-speed  Heat Pump

The Unico System provides greater humidity removal—up to 30%—with the superior and efficient design of our wider cooling coils versus traditional systems. Since the coils are larger, circulating air has more contact with the cooling coil, pulling more humidity from the air.

Traditional HVAC blows cool air until the room is the set temperature, then stops cooling until the temperature rises, allowing humidity to build up. The Unico System has a variable-speed heat pump that continues to operate during low-load periods when the system requires less energy, continuing to remove humidity.


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