Central A/C for Homes Without Duct Work

No Ducts? Get a Mini Duct High Velocity Air Conditioner

For superior indoor comfort in homes or spaces without ducts, Air Treatment Climate Care offers The Unico System – an innovative mini duct high velocity air conditioner system. It’s the ideal system for homes without any ducts, such as those heated with hot water, electric or for new home additions. 

Features and benefits of High Velocity Air Conditioners by Unico System

  • Fits Any Space – No matter when your home or building was built, or what its physical configuration, installing The Unico System is always a possibility – without compromising design or architectural integrity.
  • Quiet Performance – The Unico System outperforms conventional heating and cooling systems by utilizing a patented high velocity stream of air. This air is delivered quietly and seamlessly into the room using our 2″ outlets or the 8″ x ¾” slotted diffuser.
  • Little or No Remodeling – This innovative air conditioner system fits where other conventional cooling and heating systems can’t – with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be easily installed into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, and closets.
  • Matches Any Decor – We offer you a huge selection in outlet choices. Our outlets come round or slotted, and are designed to fit any decor or home architecture without compromise.
  • Removes 30% More Humidity – Draft free, superior comfort throughout the house, removing 30% more relative humidity.

Source: http://www.airtreatment.net/products-services/home-cooling-systems-and-services/high-velocity-air-conditioning/